It’s Official! CFCC to Become CCF May 25th!

The State Board of Education has approved the name change AND approved the college to continue persuing 4-year degree programs

Ocala, Marion County, Florida is a great place to live and LEARN!


CFCC is One of the Gems of Marion County!

CFCC or Central Florida Community College is being renamed to CCF or College of Central Florida to reflect its role and is trying to offer more four-year degrees.  View their Virtual Tour!

Whether you want to learn to care for horses, learn a trade like HVAC or get a business degree, College of Florida is a great place to learn!

State DOT: Construction of high-speed rail could begin by February in Florida

The high-speed rail system connecting Tampa & Orlando is moving forward!

Click here for details

The system was announced in January by the Obama administration.

70 F in Ocala Marion County!

70° F in Ocala Marion County this weekend!  Been a long cold winter but it's almost over!

Ocala to try again for City Shops & Walk

After losing ~$2.5 million on failed development called “City Shops & Walk” by bankrupt developer Jorge Gutman, Ocala City Council decided to try again.  It will be soliciting proposals for the next 6 months.

The original proposal called for 40,000 square feet of retail & restaurants on the site near Fort King Street.

With Marion County unemployment at 14%, any new development or job opportunities is welcome.

Global Warming? Snow in Ocala Marion County Florida?

It has been reported that every state in the US has had snow this winter.  I know this is true for Florida, because I saw snow in Ocala and Marion County!

So where are the global warming people and Al Gore?  Hibernating?

We have had glaciers at least as far south as the Carolinas and the Arctic has one of the greatest sources of fossil fuel; presumably created by decaying plant & animal matter!

Are we changing the earth’s weather patterns or are we just feeling our egos?  Remember we are but dust, and unto dust…  and we are but specks on an earth that is a small planet in a solar system that is but a medium system in a Milky Way that is one of millions of such systems??

Had enough winter?

Had enough winter?  Tired of shoveling?  Come to Ocala Marion County!

Ocala Average Temperatures

Ocala Average Temperatures